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Food Blogger Pro

I’m still a noob in the food blogging world but I consider myself pretty tech savvy. However,  it’s taken a lot of time to get my website setup, designed and generating traffic. Time which should have been spent on creating quality recipes, photos and articles for you. In this business you’re the designer, IT, photographer, Chef and writer!

In 2011 when I started building New South Food there were lots of articles on setting up a WordPress site and even a few which concentrated on food blogging but nothing that went into great detail on how to create an income, photography, search engine optimization and generating traffic. While it’s not all about the money it’s nice to have all your hard work pay for itself!

When searching for other food blogs to follow I came across Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom of Pinch of Yum. What I found more interesting than their Crockpot Chalupas recipe was Bjork’s monthly income reports.  Not only does he share how much income Pinch of Yum made for the month, he tells you how they did it, breaks down the income sources and provides a learning opportunity! The knowledge I continue to learn from those monthly income reports are valuable to growing New South and I look forward to every post.

When Bjork and Lindsay announced they were starting a service for food bloggers to learn from their experiences I jumped on board immediately!


With Food Blogger Pro, Bjork and Lindsay take you from the very beginning stages of setting up your WordPress site from choosing your domain to the actual install process of WordPress, which can be very challenging by itself. The videos continue on and provide detailed tutorials of how to navigate the WordPress backend such as creating posts, adjusting your theme and installing plugins. I had to learn all of this myself which took several months of trial and error. I have since gone back to review these sections and was still able to learn some new tricks!

Food Blogger Pro Signup

Lindsay is the photographer in the family and recently produced an eBook called Tasty Food PhotographyShe goes into further detail with videos  in Food Blogger Pro to discuss DSLR settings, editing techniques using several programs, composition and generating traffic via Foodgawker and Tastespotting. There is so much information to digest I find myself watching the videos several times.

Bjork continues the education with search engine optimization lessons, Google Webmaster and Analytics tools, generating an income and even how to create your first eBook. He has also added a new video to help you understand Google alerts.

New and established food bloggers alike will benefit from the vast library of videos in Food Blogger Pro and from Bjork and Lindsay’s experience with Pinch of Yum. The membership cost of $25/month is a bargain for this level of knowledge!

Food Blog Pro Signup



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