My Vegetable Garden-Starting From Seeds & DIY Grow Light Stand-Week 2

Seedling Light Stand 5

It’s officially spring but it sure doesn’t feel like it in Atlanta! Flurries off and on all day which is why it’s a good idea to start some seeds indoors. As soon as the last chance of frost has passed these plants will be ready to go outside.

Within 5 days of planting in the germination trays there were sprouts. The tomatoes were the first to show and peppers are just now popping through. The seedlings need more light than just a sunny window so I put together this makeshift light stand. The shelving is 48″ wire shelf from any home center and a 48″ shop light and bulbs. Eventually I will invest in a high output T5 4 bulb light as I add more plants and trays. The light stays on 16 hours a day and is placed just above the tops of the seedlings and can be moved as they grow.

Equipment Used

  • 48″ Shop light with bulbs
  • 48″ Wire Shelf
  • 2- 72 plant germination trays


Seedling Light Stand 4

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